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There is no logic in believing Atheists have less morals than anyone else.

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Kigore 7 months ago
Amen I am all for it.
Mezit 7 months ago
Horrible dreams to Ghost?No way??
Zulkishicage 6 months ago
To bad they didn?t get him.
Goltit 6 months ago
If that?s their lager, it?s delicious????
JoJonris 6 months ago
Acts 1:15-26 (RSV), excerpted ?>
Yozshugal 6 months ago
She should have been arrested for that ugly blouse.
Yozshuhn 6 months ago
You see anything moral in OT?
Gardagal 5 months ago
I say people shouldn't?
Fehn 5 months ago
Yeah I guess the heck so.
Makinos 5 months ago
The parents we definitely nasty Trump drones.
Zurr 5 months ago
JoJogore 5 months ago
Yeah, it would be hard to write funnier comedy.
Ditaur 5 months ago
Yes, they supported jihadists. They didn't invent jihad.
Voodoolar 5 months ago
Where did you read that suggestion in my comment?
Voodoomi 5 months ago
Here's to hoping and working for the best :-)
Maubar 4 months ago
I am not afraid
Nezahn 4 months ago
Right. They don?t care about social issues.
Sasar 4 months ago
Here's to dollar beer...Cheers!
Tozshura 4 months ago
Is it male or female?
Moogular 4 months ago
First, it isn't OUR heritage, it is certain states.
Akinozahn 4 months ago
Denise. She deleted her account a long time ago.

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