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35 15:2410 months ago

LOL did you delete your own comment? You are presenting atheism as a science when you say science is like that in defense of atheism. I also never said virgin birth was a science, though birth certainly is part of biology, virgin or not.

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Kajigami 10 months ago
Why should I care ?
Sakazahn 10 months ago
They'll be known as "Iranopeans"
Malarisar 9 months ago
tomtype...... Are you a supporter of the caliphates???
Nalrajas 9 months ago
Haven't babbled friend, just pointed out facts.
Faelabar 9 months ago
I think it is a Poe.
Zulushicage 9 months ago
The Islamic State? Freudian slip?
Tujin 9 months ago
You have it backwards.
Vik 8 months ago
Yes! I did it!
Gromi 8 months ago
Help me escape from here
Tashicage 8 months ago
He has you totally distracted from standing for anything.
Yorr 8 months ago
I remember that well. May they RIP
Shaktirg 8 months ago
Hi Rita, how are you doing?
Makree 8 months ago
There are no such places dude. Wake up.
Mazulrajas 8 months ago
Yep, keep it simple. Don't need the stress.
JoJoran 7 months ago
That's your reflection in the monitor.
Kagasar 7 months ago
You must have had something in your ears then...
Kigara 7 months ago
Are they invisible too?
Braktilar 7 months ago
Let's recap a bit here. You just now said:
Kajitilar 7 months ago
Sex sells. It?s always been that way.
Mazukree 7 months ago
Ford knows what their contracts entail.
Meztira 7 months ago
Nobody is born straight or gay.
Mazubar 6 months ago
Thank you for understanding.
Yozshulmaran 6 months ago
well you just hate god! ;)
Mizahn 6 months ago
Yes. And *trump supporters picked the Russian stooge.
Arashigul 6 months ago
My wife always says I am on cloud 9
Mezidal 6 months ago
Morning, how's your day so far

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