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795 05:0110 months ago

Well you can tag her into another channel and have a real relationship wit her my friend.

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Dukree 10 months ago
jealousy is a curse.
Ter 10 months ago
Sorry, I suffer fools like that very poorly.
JoJokora 10 months ago
That's my whole point. Bingo!
Kazibei 9 months ago
Yup, sure helped Hillary out in many ways....
Vut 9 months ago
MissouriArkansas? Sounds like the capital of lynching.
Malak 9 months ago
Looks a little small, needs to slip them off!
Zululkis 9 months ago
Don't grok analogies, do you?
Zolomi 9 months ago
Have to keep dodging antlers. =)
Vudor 9 months ago
You cannot know if Yeshua was celibate or not.
Vogami 8 months ago
Because the "reset button" was so productive, Hillary?
Samukree 8 months ago
You are a warrior.
Brarn 8 months ago
You?! How many credit chits did I earn?
Vosar 8 months ago
You don't know that for certain.
Taule 8 months ago
You answer my question with a question.
Kerg 7 months ago
Now you're getting it.
Yozshuramar 7 months ago
The only ones lying are the creationists.
Sajora 7 months ago
1. There hasn?t been another world war.
Mujas 7 months ago
I hope you take pennies
Mezikree 7 months ago
Yes. There should be no question here.
Maushicage 7 months ago
I doubt that will ever happen.
Kagat 7 months ago
Oh I am soo jealous!!
Mazumuro 6 months ago
oh nice Now I will also addicted it ...........LOl
Tekazahn 6 months ago
Which solidifies gods rep as a dick.
Daisar 6 months ago
Well, that's.a different theology.
Marisar 6 months ago
"Everything" isn't "parts of".

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