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23 20:1610 months ago

Americans DEMAND equal justice.... NOT one set of rules if your name is Clinton and another set of rules if your name is NOT Clinton and you do not have financial ties to the Clinton Cartel.... She was PROVEN guilty of committing Crimes but given full cover by the FBI and DOJ because of her Money and Power.

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Dubar 10 months ago
Jim Brown Did Great Things; He Also Beat Women
Zulkisho 10 months ago
Anything about your life
Kaziran 10 months ago
Olive skin is white? Interesting.
Zulukasa 10 months ago
Not one of these is by WLC
Vudonos 9 months ago
Or not enough water.
Kazrarn 9 months ago
Where are your tats and what are they of?
Nikojinn 9 months ago
I?m the same way!!!
Akinodal 9 months ago
Your desperation is comical ??
Zulkisar 8 months ago
Must such creatures only be validated through fantastical methods?
Tojataxe 8 months ago
atheism - lack of belief in god claims
Akit 8 months ago
Once again Whitey saves the day.
Tuzragore 8 months ago
Republicans hate the Constitution and American values and tradition.
Taran 8 months ago
You think a virgin gave birth.
Minris 7 months ago
my hair looks like but supper satrit
Fenriramar 7 months ago
America, who he blames for the attack.
Kigagis 7 months ago
Seriously my greatest day on Disqus EVER.
Kajizragore 7 months ago
Where are you?You have to be with me forever
Telar 7 months ago
Gotta be better than the CBC. And cheaper.
Kigasho 7 months ago
I will pray for that
Doktilar 6 months ago
again, how do you read?
Shaktit 6 months ago
It?s all Kosher????????????
Fenrigrel 6 months ago
Its not bigoted to call them what they are.
Mazulabar 6 months ago
i want my socks on!
Vizshura 6 months ago
That's good it's not good to get too drunk.
Nashakar 6 months ago
Yaaawn. Sorry. What are you foaming about now?
Malam 5 months ago
It means you do not know.
Voran 5 months ago
Sounds like you've swapped one addiction for another.

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