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305 14:0910 months ago

Are you talking actual falsifications that are now generally accepted as such by large swaths of the scientific peer community or only those that are tagged as such by a fringe group?

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Gular 10 months ago
You'll always get my endorsement haha
Mazumuro 10 months ago
Unless you're wrong about all of that.
Fenrisar 10 months ago
Hello lad . .I am doing good.
Zulkilkis 10 months ago
I have no idea what you mean.
Gagore 10 months ago
power off button................problem solved
Meztik 10 months ago
So..the laws are fine...the enforcement is lacking..
Daikinos 9 months ago
No. The name is irrelevant.
Zuluzuru 9 months ago
Yes, you are the Judge.
Ketaur 9 months ago
And a pig's bladder.
Yozshukree 9 months ago
Lol! Oh my goodness!
Tegami 9 months ago
So why are you making homophobic comments?
Faezshura 9 months ago
Wow your a smart man
Malazragore 8 months ago
That's why I'm an atheist.
Kazrarisar 8 months ago
Not what I said at all.
Zulusho 8 months ago
People who doesn't do their job usually get fired.

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