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537 48:104 months ago

Why not ask your neighbour the POTUS to help you out??? He knows how to negotiate!!

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Zologul 4 months ago
This is how the con "mind" works.
Gushura 4 months ago
Ooooohhhhh I got a kissy face from Debi ????????????
Taujar 3 months ago
Ok so lets try this a different way.
Kazragor 3 months ago
Lol oky how long?
Doubei 3 months ago
Actually it's YOU is is proving the Effect.
Tuzahn 3 months ago
But... but... isn't all the water in the Pacific?
Golabar 3 months ago
Marvel is much better than DC
Vudolabar 2 months ago
Haha.. we got each other.
Vudokus 2 months ago
a fetus is a human being.
Voshakar 2 months ago
I cant possibly allow that
Neramar 2 months ago
Captain Kirk did it at warp speed.
Mazushicage 1 month ago
Dude. Look at the claims.
Akinoshura 1 month ago
Well, there is that.
Zolohn 1 month ago
Ah, they must go together. The knowledge of God
Nitilar 1 month ago
Thanks KM. I was a bit surprised by that.
Togore 1 month ago
Please tell me you were being sarcastic.
Daihn 1 month ago
"stupid", "terrible", "TRAITOR", "animal"
Kazrazragore 1 month ago
what do you mean now?
Nirisar 3 weeks ago
then why doesnt he?
Vudoshakar 2 weeks ago
Umm, NO, they do not, actually.

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