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415 01:0011 months ago

"You take the "right" Christian scholars and there are plenty of them, you would get the same result. That's the entire problem"

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Akinom 10 months ago
I control more of the world than your god.
Shakagul 10 months ago
Armageddon is not gonna happen. It?s all lies.
Faurg 10 months ago
Neither of those are religions.
Douhn 10 months ago
You asked, I answered.
Tojalabar 10 months ago
they won't but give it time .somebody will.
Zulkira 9 months ago
Sand Let it go..
Kajilar 9 months ago
The bucket was 10 liter and it fell 2-3m...
Gardak 9 months ago
Thank you for your opinion.
JoJot 9 months ago
Damn you DCT,you could have warned me.....
Voodoonris 9 months ago
You're not intelligent enough to bother with. Bye.
Kajik 9 months ago
They sure can. Sorry HolyGhost. Wrong again.
Arashijind 9 months ago
That is a hot Gif
Murn 9 months ago
Ooooh, those movie actors are real tough .....
Zulusida 8 months ago
Well that is another theory?
Kigataxe 8 months ago
Thanks for not answering my question.
Samurg 8 months ago
could you do it to someone irl thooo
Milabar 8 months ago
Definitely not. Will need one or 3 healthy hombres.

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