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831 18:317 months ago

I hit a time-warp. Happens a lot on Fridays :)

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Gardarisar 7 months ago
One would hope that is the case.
Samut 7 months ago
So tell everyone: when?
Dijar 7 months ago
Hahaha u wrote that three times ??
Moramar 7 months ago
Gud sucks as a teacher. everyone is so confused.
Kagarr 7 months ago
That's all that matters
Zulura 7 months ago
Or Fox News North...FNN,yes
Meztidal 7 months ago
but we already knew that.
Gok 6 months ago
She shoulda taken the second prize
Mikadal 6 months ago
YAY!!! You joined us!!!
Nikoll 6 months ago
Not even a century. I give it twenty years.
Nizragore 6 months ago
All religion is bondage.
Akinonos 6 months ago
Now? Let's look at the morality of Christians.
Mile 6 months ago
You should visit a Mosque and ask that question.
Gardakree 5 months ago
So, no response to the post then.
Samuzshura 5 months ago
Epic sh*ts require two flushes.

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