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So you think the temporary halt on the curriculum precludes teachers from teaching about gender identity, respect and dignity, that they've been effectively muzzled by the government? I say "BS" to any such notion. There is nothing stopping these things from being taught outside of the sex-ed curriculum. So what's all the hubbub, bub?

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Kile 10 months ago
Sober it serms also????
Vijin 10 months ago
All dogs go to heaven.
Grolkis 10 months ago
You know what they say about assuming, right?
Kajilkree 10 months ago
Choose your own path. Whatever floats your boat.
Moogukus 9 months ago
That isn't the way that works.
Meztilmaran 9 months ago
Okay have fun and stay safe!!
JoJozahn 9 months ago
hahahahahahah you can say women.
Mezizuru 9 months ago
That is correct James.
Zulugis 9 months ago
You make that sound like one word.
Gotaxe 9 months ago
so tight hug me to you
Moogutilar 9 months ago
What are their true motives if I may ASK..

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