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595 05:277 months ago

No tsumani, but the earthquake was very bad on the island right next to us, which is Lombok.

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Vura 7 months ago
18 and 47, thats almost 30 yrs diff!!!
Gardazil 7 months ago
And to think we were reaching for 1300
Tojakus 7 months ago
the nightly news in chicago.
Vogore 7 months ago
Norton? Give us the Lodge secret handshake first.
Salkis 7 months ago
The fool says 'there is no GOD'
Arazuru 6 months ago
What does that even mean? Geese?
Zololar 6 months ago
I know that one did. Why the hostility?
JoJobei 6 months ago
It's never failed once.
Tajind 6 months ago
They aren't mutually exclusive.
Mazutaxe 6 months ago
And Russia is in the White House anyhow...
Gugore 5 months ago
Whatever. I don't support any crooks.
Vilar 5 months ago
You cannot love who you have not really known.
Akizshura 5 months ago
Lol. Not everyone is a destitute Yankee yokel, darling.
Nezil 5 months ago
I can see why you think that!
Voodookazahn 5 months ago
I'm smarter than you, clearly, because I know.
Zolor 5 months ago
Sorry, did I stay too on topic for you?

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