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no, anyone can see how the obtuse, will assault and attack just about anyone.

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Tabei 8 months ago
If not what is it based on?
Mezibei 8 months ago
If Paul was saying
Voodoojora 8 months ago
No politics young man, thank you.
Doushura 8 months ago
Of illnesses. Not of causes.
Maujin 8 months ago
Most countries can do it, why can't the US?
Fenrishakar 8 months ago
gotta be a mob movie
Juhn 8 months ago
Well I do have my checkbook.
Tejar 7 months ago
Got that much, but your comment is still incoherent.
Voodoomuro 7 months ago
Could've stopped at "Trump is bad".
JoJom 7 months ago
Six Letters, comes in various forms, can cause insomnia.
Malajin 7 months ago
Thanks for calling my posts, my opinion, as crap.
Goktilar 7 months ago
I know what you mean
Nedal 7 months ago
shes ahight but 26? she looks 40
Zolobei 6 months ago
Next time I will give you different one then
Tarr 6 months ago
Some interesting information about the Name of God
Felrajas 6 months ago
From your studies doesn't back up these claims.
Jukazahn 6 months ago
Which one is the Tree of Life I wonder?
Vijind 6 months ago
Sure, but it's already been shown that they didn't.
Kazrataur 6 months ago
notice the "rightwingers" see it differently lol
Sagar 5 months ago
We've had a lot of them today.
Dikree 5 months ago
Darwin showed it by observation of adaptations over time.
Gujas 5 months ago
God once again changes his mind, I guess.
Gardabar 5 months ago
You clearly do not understand medical reality.
Yozshuktilar 5 months ago
Perhaps legally, certainly not biologically.
Moogurg 5 months ago
John Punch was initially an indentured servant.
Nizil 5 months ago
Forensically it looks like places were cut and glued??
Turisar 4 months ago
Hmm. So "English class" examines atheism and anti-theism, huh?
Domi 4 months ago
Good God, the world can't handle two USAs
Akijar 4 months ago
Thanks. I concur with your opinion.

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