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In the Bible we see the Hearts desire of God.

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JoJoshura 8 months ago
Love the one you tyrannize over. Great watchwords.
Tojagami 7 months ago
What a lovey ass she has
Shaktigis 7 months ago
The best way to be :)
Dairg 7 months ago
+10 for the use of ?kraal?. ISWYDT.
Dukus 7 months ago
So why hasn't rawstory been banned?
Shasho 7 months ago
We will figure it out
Nalabar 6 months ago
I gave you the timeline.
Tukree 6 months ago
Sight the section of which you speak.
Tuhn 6 months ago
Google should stick to maps .
Kazim 6 months ago
Too fuzzy to read...??
Shabei 6 months ago
God told me i am korrect
Zunos 6 months ago
What exactly am I supposed to disprove?
Megar 5 months ago
I was very impressed with this
Sharn 5 months ago
And science wins again, cop-out creationist.
Akinorr 5 months ago
Well Eleanor was the first Lesbian President.
Taum 5 months ago
What's a bad thing?????
Arashikinos 5 months ago
Right. But this does not target illegals or fraud
Arashigis 4 months ago
Can you phrase that as a question???
Vuhn 4 months ago
So he can turns his life around?
Toshakar 4 months ago
Because he's not a journalist he's a commentator.
Yorisar 4 months ago
It would make any despotic ruler balk.
Moogucage 4 months ago
Let me ask another way.

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