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Obama warned trump, told Putin to knock it off, wanted to warn America but McConnell said if he did McConnell would call it a partisan attack on trump.

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Akinogul 6 months ago
is it not obvious??
Akirisar 6 months ago
I Kant believe it, har har.
Vikazahn 6 months ago
It?s a good way to excercise your mind ????????????
Mooguran 5 months ago
Was it a Mall Massage or a Maul Massage?
Arashill 5 months ago
Thank you too sir
Meshakar 5 months ago
That's my truck on the right there ; )
Mojas 5 months ago
You made a statement of fact. Back it up.
Zuluktilar 5 months ago
So which laws are being broken?
Fesida 5 months ago
Thank you for explaining.
Gokinos 4 months ago
Unemployment is highest, when immigration is lowest.
Voodooran 4 months ago
Wow, look at all those buzzwords.
Dasho 4 months ago
Great, can that be put to music?
Dazuru 4 months ago
Very much appriciate the input!
Arajin 4 months ago
They might, I have my suspicions.
Malajora 4 months ago
House of cards collapsing.
Shakagrel 4 months ago
I am not religious.
Kilrajas 3 months ago
Interesting I didn?t know that
Dolar 3 months ago
Thank you for sharing this:)
Dujas 3 months ago
Good Morning, Greenie!!! Are you online yet?
Malkis 3 months ago
1 So, yes, christians are more xenophobic.
Meztiktilar 3 months ago
Lol, everyone needs to chill now and again :)
Mular 3 months ago
Very Similar except you do have less hair.
Aram 2 months ago
I can see it ??
Shaktigal 2 months ago
There was nothing wrong with my grammar.
JoJoshakar 2 months ago
hahaha So what's her name?

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