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?I deplore... the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them... These ordures are rapidly depraving the public taste and lessening its relish for sound food.? Thomas Jefferson

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Kajidal 10 months ago
That sounds familiar. Is that from The Crow?
Voodoozil 10 months ago
"It?s not up to politicians..."
Tojind 10 months ago
What was going on back there?
Misida 10 months ago
Would you label all of these behaviors bad ?
Daimuro 9 months ago
Could they be on a farm?
Akizil 9 months ago
People are already "forced to work for healthcare."
Meztishura 9 months ago
Asking a hobo to wash it? ??
Kagaktilar 9 months ago
When you provide something relevant I will take note.
Tonos 9 months ago
Oh.. why hospital. Is everything ok
Goltilmaran 9 months ago
I wonder if you can pardon contempt of court.
Mekinos 9 months ago
Yuck. That looks gross ;-D
Grokora 8 months ago
The Religious People Are More Xenophobic one?
Tygolar 8 months ago
Brainfreeze again Jack ? and now it's become permanent.....
Grolar 8 months ago
Awe! You and Medic can twin!
Tugul 8 months ago
so free speech... but only on your terms?

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