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857 10:199 months ago

Lets get a bunch of buddy's together and create a society of higher learning and education. You billy bob and you jeffrey yall go over to bakersfield and get your buddies there to start stirring up the hill billys and we will get everybody together next Wednesday for a shindig. We going to talk about changing the world.

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Kilkis 9 months ago
The one misusing their free will to commit sin.
Yogore 8 months ago
The tax cuts are renewable.
Toktilar 8 months ago
No slam + I like = You good
Meztizragore 8 months ago
That's not what I asked. Try again.
Fenricage 8 months ago
More freedom of speech by the left.
Nishicage 8 months ago
I don't think $48k is poorly paid.
Zulkim 7 months ago
Genetics is potential, not act. Try again, buddy.
Gurr 7 months ago
Well I thought it did....
Akinonris 7 months ago
Do they say 'Trumpanzee' on the cover? ??????
Mikak 7 months ago
Hey, if they are happy, party on.
Mazurn 7 months ago
He did an Archie Parnell (D)?
Baktilar 7 months ago
I really wanted to see him fly with balloons.
Fenrigami 7 months ago
In a real sense....sin does not exist.
Sakasa 6 months ago
Of course a wall (fencing) will work.
Malagami 6 months ago
Stan? Is that short for satan?
Mur 6 months ago
I have about five books on Paul.
Vudogore 6 months ago
In twenty years? Try repeating math 101.
Samura 6 months ago
You are a piece of work, Gillette.
Mikalrajas 6 months ago
That was a SYSTEM.

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