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538 08:0311 months ago

What I'm really getting at is that you cannot provide any sort of concrete, credible evidence when it comes to religion.

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Gule 11 months ago
Ooer, you're such a wag.
Darisar 10 months ago
Trickle-down mathematics, right? From the Trumpian fantasy universe?
Nell 10 months ago
We speak American here.
Kajigis 10 months ago
You're having a discussion about the wrong topic.
Zulum 10 months ago
that is the idea ;)
Vudok 10 months ago
Yay... So far so good.
Gogul 9 months ago
A little on the skinny side though
Douktilar 9 months ago
why..?...still goes through me like a freight train....XD
Shakabar 9 months ago
Ahhh....Well, then good thinking.
Vudobei 9 months ago
This dipshit sure thinks highly of himself.
Bazragore 8 months ago
Its hotter there than here in nyc
Mibei 8 months ago
True. I'll grab some in a bit...
Aracage 8 months ago
I only believe one because there is only one.
Kagakree 8 months ago
???????? and a pillow !
Faejind 8 months ago
Not one of a kind, you copied me. ;-)
Dojas 7 months ago
Hey what's up? :)
Mezira 7 months ago
Your a cool lady, I'm glad I met you
Vilkis 7 months ago
You never started one. You just spewed BS.
Nira 7 months ago
It's not a hoax, her hate is REAL.
Mekora 7 months ago
Irrelevant. You changed the subject.
Mauramar 6 months ago
So you like blowing things up, eh?
Taulkis 6 months ago
Liberals have always been like this.
Dijora 6 months ago
These temporary passwords are randomly generated.
Brazragore 6 months ago
"Nope..... I will fade before, i go samson option"
Mazudal 6 months ago
"The constitution is a living document."

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