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I am not objective? I try to be as objective as I can, even if I may not always be as objective as I want. And I am no partisan; I am a moderate and a skeptic. Will you please read through all of your recent comments and ask yourself honestly how they sound? And please consider also that the way you are talking to me may be making me much less inclined to listen to you. I would have stopped responding to you but for the fact that I feel you need what I have to say. Just think about it, how your tone may be promoting "Partisanship" against you.

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Dainris 11 months ago
They speak of love then they hate on people.
Faejar 10 months ago
Yeah ...and Pearly too????
Kekazahn 10 months ago
What difference does it make?
Kajikus 10 months ago
They had a cartoon, when
Julmaran 10 months ago
Ok sart snow patrol song open your eyes.
Zologul 10 months ago
Kewl story. False, but kewl.
Grozragore 10 months ago
"She does say "almost" two years"
Faujar 10 months ago
Can't fool Trump supporters.
Feramar 10 months ago
Did he defy the instructions of the 911 dispatcher?
Tygojinn 9 months ago
Now, remember, Be Best!
Vogal 9 months ago
Odd how it was only weirdos that saw them.
Yozshurn 9 months ago
The fear is Trump will be caught lying....right?
Nile 9 months ago
Yeah I think I remember such an OP.
Tektilar 9 months ago
You mean like the NYTs new editor?
Tall 9 months ago
This is your favorite gif isn't it
Moogulabar 8 months ago
Ok. fair enough. Let me rephrase it once again.
Arat 8 months ago
Holy hell...all that plus good coffee?
Voodoojas 8 months ago
Sugardaddy runs outta $ for my new shoes
Visar 8 months ago
Starts now? But now is my life already.
Zulumi 8 months ago
Wha?? What the hell does that even mean?
Mezilar 8 months ago
Have you ever had potatoes with onions and butter.
Voodooshura 7 months ago
Of course they do.

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