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220 06:1210 months ago

Interesting. I often creme fraiche as I can use it for a sour cream supplement or something in dessert making.

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Akinolkree 10 months ago
Bwahaha! Well that?s what she loved about you!??
Nigis 10 months ago
Pssst...ask him/her to say "moose and squirrel"....
Voodoorg 9 months ago
How do you know Mary was underage?
Yok 9 months ago
Instant outrage is even mushier than instant oatmeal.
Ditaxe 9 months ago
Then what is it you are advocating for?
Zolojas 9 months ago
Bro I?m dying ????????????????????????
Nikazahn 9 months ago
Pretty much, yes. That's correct.
Zoloshicage 9 months ago
So don't sell the divorcees a cake?
Tobar 9 months ago
I knew you were dumb but this proves it.
Kazikasa 8 months ago
You sound pretty bigoted there yourself.
Akinosar 8 months ago
Good luck hippies. Get back to work.
Gardajora 8 months ago
correct, I already know that. :)
Zoloshura 7 months ago
Or to spill the beans on my bestie!!
Jugrel 7 months ago
And, why did you leave out the following verse:
Tojasho 7 months ago
My comment was based on the fact you referenced
Malazuru 7 months ago
what caused the singularity?
Malalkree 7 months ago
OK, it was rhetorical, got you.
Dalmaran 6 months ago
I think you are copying this cute baby????
Viran 6 months ago
i find your use of the word 'what immoral.
Vulkis 6 months ago
What made you think that ?
Sakazahn 6 months ago
You are sweet & beautiful
Mikagar 6 months ago
Forgot about that. Laughing too hard.
Zulkis 6 months ago
oh I believe it !!!!
Mikalar 5 months ago
Where?s your source saying those are liberals?
Tausar 5 months ago
You couldn't even write a decent fairy tale.
Zolokazahn 5 months ago
The grief and suffering is inflicted by you.
Kagazil 5 months ago
You've provided zero scientific evidence.
Tygolkree 4 months ago
Can you prove that?
Daikus 4 months ago
Yep. Negative consequences was created for those wanting them.
Mooguramar 4 months ago
Sure it does and it?s pointless and accomplishesnothing.

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