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859 08:309 months ago

JJ was a part of Trek during the TV series and was responsible for some decisions I liked. I enjoyed the new films, but they are not part of Star Trek for me. Just fun action films.

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Yozshubei 9 months ago
Why do I know more about this than you?
Grojas 8 months ago
Many of your posts seem to have that quality...
Taut 8 months ago
I hear they just sit around all day! hahahahah
Faumuro 8 months ago
Or just do a search using its actual name.
Kazijas 8 months ago
Many are. None have a duty to be paupers.
Zumuro 8 months ago
Who is that ugly woman?
Nelkis 7 months ago
My WcW is Illa as well (:
Maugul 7 months ago
Toss out ALL the poor?
Gom 7 months ago
Believe what you like. Believe what you must.
Kazisida 7 months ago
due to hard work .........:(
Sam 7 months ago
I don't know who Hawkins is.
Dirisar 7 months ago
Michelle Rodriguez = A Revenger's Tale
Tygodal 6 months ago
I was talking about the death penalty in general.
Yoll 6 months ago
Fluidity means subject to change.
Vudojinn 6 months ago
I understand some churches offer private tutoring sessions.
Shaktisida 6 months ago
Its good to know your take on this subject.
Vudor 6 months ago
Yeah. women's feet look great in stockings

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