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Yeah, evangelicals did not think, racism, sexual assault, mocking the disabled, veterans or women were deal breakers.

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Meztikus 9 months ago
have to keep the wife happy- smart man
Moran 9 months ago
Who do you think was reading Genesis before 1611?
Gardazshura 9 months ago
Oh yes. And doom.
Jukazahn 9 months ago
Better tell the worlds scientists.
Kataxe 9 months ago
That one is a nice one
Fauzilkree 8 months ago
Take your time ;)
Vizuru 8 months ago
Yes sir your right
Maramar 8 months ago
Ask your mom or dad. They will explain it.
Shagis 8 months ago
But legislation which has solely religious backing is illegal.
Tojin 8 months ago
I imagine you looks beautiful with beard....LIke that
Maujinn 8 months ago
Agreed, they belong in general population!.... Of prison.
Grojind 8 months ago
You condone other people beating their children.
Shajin 8 months ago
Using a study that advertised for participants lol
Arashiktilar 7 months ago
Just I need to make him understand ....
Gazuru 7 months ago
Who helped her on this?
Vudolabar 7 months ago
Feelings? Nancy boy nonsense
Mular 7 months ago
It's called Guess the Disqus
Samushakar 7 months ago
Thanks for the funds!??
Guk 6 months ago
The first one is the best, Campy.....
Yozshucage 6 months ago
Your opinion is just that an opinion.
Faezragore 6 months ago
Beautiful arrange of selected words that convey absolutely nothing.
Kazilkis 6 months ago
I can?t, are you going to help me?
Yozshulrajas 6 months ago
that should have went someplace else- sorry
Mazum 6 months ago
Yeah, and the notorious right wing agitator James Hodgkinson.
Malanris 6 months ago
What question am I supposed to be answering again?
Goltijar 6 months ago
Unfortunately that's true too many times.
Malasida 5 months ago
One of the biggest losers in hollywood, literally ??
Meztibar 5 months ago
no silly he APPROVED it and used it .
Zolotaxe 5 months ago
It's not Bingo, it's nonsense.
Moogucage 5 months ago
OK. Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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