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847 07:5610 months ago

No. I don't. I'm not confused at all. Twice the Republicans have committed Treason. Twice they have been allowed to enjoy the fruits of that Treason.

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Mokus 10 months ago
Who? Never heard of him
Jur 10 months ago
Funny how you avoid indicating the percentages.
Dougrel 10 months ago
It?s all Kosher????????????
Sataxe 9 months ago
Well you know the issue now. Opine on it.
Yozshura 9 months ago
It is now known bush is a leftist ....
Gardalmaran 9 months ago
Show me where I said I was a Christian.
Faelrajas 9 months ago
That's silly. Sever isn't even a number.
Jubar 9 months ago
Then I'm out, no wife, no kids. *grin*
Yosar 9 months ago
That makes the most sense.
Faektilar 9 months ago
But, CA just keeps giving them licenses. No insurance.
Malagor 9 months ago
Ok...i need to fake symptoms now....
Gagami 8 months ago
The Organgrinder/monkey relationship is very complicated... I mean ?sophisticated?
Mataxe 8 months ago
Don't worry, I think it's quite common
Nikoran 8 months ago
No, those are marks on her garment.
Nakree 8 months ago
I have no clue
Zologor 8 months ago
Manipulative lil devil ??????
Kit 8 months ago
Yes but you showed me really good bewbie pics
Sazragore 8 months ago
You probably red them neither.
Gulmaran 8 months ago
They es car go.
Narr 7 months ago
Exactly what do you think I failed to comprehend?
Felrajas 7 months ago
Your story was touching
Bami 7 months ago
He impregnated a human girl. So.yes.
Faukasa 7 months ago
Im not blocked ??
Kekus 7 months ago
I'm Canadian Jack. Merci
Dom 7 months ago
People having an out of body experience
Akigami 7 months ago
I did. Found none.
Marisar 7 months ago
Well babies, don't you panic!
Zulkilkis 6 months ago
Not taken out of context. Not a sir.
Tashura 6 months ago
Maybe this also has comic value?
Meztinos 6 months ago
black panther it was so real

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