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686 12:039 months ago

Could. But where is treating them like livestock out in fields?

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Arazshura 8 months ago
So I?m stuck at work still ??????
Mukree 8 months ago
Is that a mint leaf in your smoothie?
Kahn 8 months ago
?- Found somethin? there, chief?
Nikogar 8 months ago
We've been through this. You're trolling. I'm not biting.
Faunos 8 months ago
Well you know the issue now. Opine on it.
Yozshusho 8 months ago
ITs not his argument, its yours.
Vobei 8 months ago
The way of Christ
Zulkikazahn 8 months ago
I know babe...I was joking too ??
Kashakar 7 months ago
For which there is no hard evidence.
Vinris 7 months ago
Why would you presume I have a problem?
JoJonris 7 months ago
// justified to be sacred of Islam //
Tojarr 7 months ago
Is there any talent in this?
Shaktikora 7 months ago
Sigh. Hate it when I?m right (ah. Not really)
Mazuramar 7 months ago
This is an example of good conversation.
Kajimuro 6 months ago
Do you always leap before you look?
Misar 6 months ago
If they have school tomorrow they're probably sawing logs.
Faezragore 6 months ago
Interesting approach therefore irrelevant .
Daidal 6 months ago
Interesting how you picked the third definition.
Akik 6 months ago
Benny Hill theme fits perfectly..,
Mikacage 5 months ago
Dang. It wasnt love..that was assault by the concrete
Feran 5 months ago
Do you swallow or spit?
Zulkilkree 5 months ago
This is absolutely wrong.
Vugul 4 months ago
Those are Democrats- whats your point
Mazumuro 4 months ago
That's a hoot. Trump sounds more like Stalin everyday.
Malaktilar 4 months ago
Um no, that's not true.
Jujora 4 months ago
So /that child doesn't deserve an ideal family?
Dujin 4 months ago
Yes of course, more of the same.

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