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849 07:295 months ago

You are right. That is why the wise ones say one should never ask who is God before they answer who am I?

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Nikoran 5 months ago
because it explains nothing and defines nothing
Vilabar 5 months ago
Still waiting for dark resurrection at the box office.
Kagalkis 5 months ago
Sadly it wasn?t that interesting, just spam.
Vum 5 months ago
We'd be a lot safer.
Gakus 5 months ago
That would be us Amerindians.
Akinozragore 4 months ago
What are you trying to say ??????
Mokora 4 months ago
Tell that to Bernie Sanders.
Doubar 4 months ago
aye have no problem with dat :)
Muzahn 4 months ago
Oh darn, I missed it :p
Tugul 4 months ago
We do have federal gun control
Kejind 4 months ago
Then he should just be blogging about himself.
Moogunris 3 months ago
We got the same, cool
Goltigore 3 months ago
You're confusing 'typical for normal'.
Zulumi 3 months ago
My favorite is deadpool and hulk
Mugis 3 months ago
Man, you are intolerant.
Malataxe 2 months ago
Go feel sory for someone who needs your pity.
Faebei 2 months ago
Did you not read the last reply?
Mazurn 2 months ago
"Think higher, feel deeper." Elie Wiesel
Tujind 2 months ago
So, you're not a slave to sin?
Muk 2 months ago
Hahaha...he had that itty bitty teeny weeny problem.
Mazugami 2 months ago
Dunning Kruger is strong with you.
Talabar 1 month ago
?? Maybe breathing?s merely tradition.
Tojashakar 1 month ago
It's about age. A specific time of something happening.
Sasar 1 month ago
to go to the bathroom...?
Kazrarn 1 month ago
One, it is "Woodrow Wilson."
Shakora 1 month ago
you are and how the world works I think.
Tejin 1 month ago
I never had one, and never will now.
Diktilar 1 month ago
"Free speech" doesn't apply to private companies.

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