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Really? The half you belong too then, since you have such experience and knowledge on who they are and their situation, since you point out it's half the country. Do you have any proof backing your statements, I prefer with charts when you do find it, but accept whatever proof you have, from legitimate sources, and not from breitbart and likewise right wing propaganda Because that's news to me. Waiting..

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Brasar 10 months ago
breakfast of champions, hardly.....
Kazrajinn 10 months ago
I hope you come out of this soon!
Bram 10 months ago
Abortion isn't murder though.
Nikole 10 months ago
What is a "non-gender specific
Vibar 10 months ago
Yes, it might be so.
Tektilar 9 months ago
That's great. Thanks for sharing your feelings.
Kebar 9 months ago
next to the rim jobs?
Mezijind 9 months ago
No historian on the planet disputes that fact.
Zusar 9 months ago
CUTEEE????????. Love the kitten and bunny one??
Dijora 9 months ago
Ok, I?m done ??
Fenrikinos 9 months ago
No. "Has anybody seen the right Arm of Jehovah?"
JoJozahn 9 months ago's a call for wrong attention
Mazur 8 months ago
Very, or so i have been told.
Shall 8 months ago
You win, Ralphie. Now are you happy?
Doulkis 8 months ago
Pretty dam sad all the way around.
Faegis 8 months ago
Beat my meat like it owes me money
Gujar 8 months ago
Yes...i do so with firm justifications
Zulkill 7 months ago
What a silly, ignorant thing to say.
Shaktitaxe 7 months ago
Not all heros wear capes ... or spandex.

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