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600 07:108 months ago

You might not think this is funny but I thought it was so decided to share

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Tunris 8 months ago
They usually blame it on tequila.
Vogar 7 months ago
Shhh,I live just fine,I'm just yanking Billy's leash....
Maule 7 months ago
Very much appriciate the input!
Samulkis 7 months ago
Then why do you teach mendacities?
Kikasa 7 months ago
There are no Catholic soldiers in armies ?
Akinosho 7 months ago
So says the pile of hyena shit
Nikogor 7 months ago
nuclear fallout will kill the rest
Moogukree 6 months ago
Socrates: Thunders frighten children and menaces the fools!
Yozshubar 6 months ago
Good morning gorgeous ?? ..sadly heading back into work
Bakree 6 months ago
Where did all the ladies go?
Vudozil 6 months ago
And look where he landed, winning again ???
Maurg 5 months ago
Haha u know how my channel rolls...
Dakinos 5 months ago
And can't prove up a single one of them.
Zujar 5 months ago
Really? I imagined you as a lapsed Catholic.
Nikorr 5 months ago
Time for a Lemon test.
Nikolar 4 months ago
911 should block her phone number.
Zolora 4 months ago
OK, Jake. No more, please...
Darisar 4 months ago
The 20 yo wild child

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