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544 02:2910 months ago

Um, It's "cue". Queue is a line, as in waiting in the queue for tickets.

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Mazugami 10 months ago
Sounds like you read the first three words. /grin
Nikoll 10 months ago
Thanks so much Loki!
Zolozshura 10 months ago
Church is a placebo.
Tygonris 10 months ago
Then you should report that to the police.
Daikree 10 months ago
Uneducated prole who believes in magic says what?
Tauzragore 10 months ago
Still here? I thought you said you leave?
Voodoodal 9 months ago
or the assassination of JFK
Gardajas 9 months ago
Correct!!!! I love this movie!!! Lol
Faern 9 months ago
Could be her halitosis. Just no telling
Zushakar 9 months ago
I was about to say similar, so thanks.
Dazragore 9 months ago
Thank you from all of us
Fauzshura 8 months ago
So then basically today.
Grogrel 8 months ago
This one's real good. Read it last year.
Vosho 8 months ago
Oh baby this could be great ??.
Dagis 8 months ago
Stories imply. People infer.
Dicage 8 months ago
I have to go! I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!
Yojora 7 months ago
And that's the Gospel, too!. Regards.
Zulkiktilar 7 months ago
Yup...I do that as well.
Kigamuro 7 months ago
So impair driving is something you support then.
Zulkilkis 7 months ago
Didn't say anything about data manipulation.
Goltigar 7 months ago
noone likes me ):
Kagagore 7 months ago
Do they smell nicd
Vikinos 6 months ago
SHould be a broken record?

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