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Stay classy. I know we're all thinkin' it, but stay classy.

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Akidal 7 months ago
Look up "Tampa Bay Times."
Nisar 7 months ago
Why are some people so afraid?
Voodoolrajas 7 months ago
Moving is a right, not driving.
Goltilkis 6 months ago
Yes, that's what Muslims believe.
Dim 6 months ago
his digging to find the drain?
Faum 6 months ago
Not allowed, Arthur. Deleting.
Kazitaur 6 months ago
They are not total savages.
Kajilkis 5 months ago
We've been modern humans for over 200,000 years.
Tular 5 months ago
Get him out of my galaxy!
Visho 5 months ago
Not true in any way.
Yozshuktilar 5 months ago
& I love those ppls
Kazrazshura 5 months ago
??????just upvoting ...don?t make it weird ????????????
Dulkis 4 months ago
Interesting read; especially when you read about the author:
Yole 4 months ago
Lol.. causing trouble is fun but, I am taken.??
Dourg 4 months ago
Americans have been suffering this for years.!
Kajizil 4 months ago
Shish-Kolob a way to bar-b-q one's mind.
Sharan 4 months ago
That is in fact what we are watching unfold.
Zulkibei 4 months ago
I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Dukazahn 3 months ago
No reason for it, just sayin. :)
Daigar 3 months ago
arent we all having fun if we are winning??
Zologrel 3 months ago
Well, yes and no.
Gardak 3 months ago
A lot of far right wingers have them.
Sakree 3 months ago
Religion is a means to honor God.
Moogucage 3 months ago
Boondock Saints: All Saints Day
Dagul 3 months ago
You like to be spanked, don?t you naughty boy?
Metaur 2 months ago
California papers call illegals, "immigrants" now, infuriating
JoJonos 2 months ago
What a purely idiotic comment
Mikalar 2 months ago
Antifa Berkely FB page:

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