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742 15:4210 months ago

You're so right. All of the miracles and experiences I've had were just my overactive imagination, playing tricks on me. Billions of other believers are deceived as well. But you? You show up and post a link, make a couple of errant comments, and the light goes on. Wow. What powers you have. Are you going to use them for good or evil?

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Guzil 10 months ago
Ummmm, yes... yes, He does, for many human beings.
Vucage 9 months ago
What do you believe?
Duzuru 9 months ago
Hopefully this cheers you up,,??????
Nern 9 months ago
Oh come off it your bias is showing.
Faujin 9 months ago
How did he get it being illiterate?
Kigashura 9 months ago
I have no idea :(
Vigis 9 months ago
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Brar 8 months ago
AFC West Champions I think.
Nakora 8 months ago
Why? because its created from 2 other human beings.
Nikolrajas 8 months ago
Perhaps he has no better material to argue with?
Zolotaur 8 months ago
Re-read the story Steve.
Akishicage 8 months ago
ty again..... ; }
Duzragore 8 months ago
Free Speech, another amendment under attack by the leftists
Akijar 8 months ago
Seen Lara around lately Ian? lol
Malrajas 8 months ago
You do not want to believe the truth.
Kagabar 7 months ago
That's a cave to never go spelunking in..........
Kazragar 7 months ago
Wish the tax people thought that way.
Kigagar 7 months ago
is there anything the leftwingnuts won't do?
Akibei 7 months ago
Our new ally, North Korea.
Tolmaran 7 months ago
Valen ? a day ago
Fejar 6 months ago
They must be afraid of everything.
Fenrishicage 6 months ago
Very beautiful and very sweet.

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