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1000 13:496 months ago

I have too much respect for my guy to even consider a ?side? dude. Besides, all my needs are being met...and I think it?s reciprocal in nature, so, need....unless you gotta death wish ????

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Shazuru 6 months ago
You'd lie, jeesh... Is nothing sacred? ????
Shakarr 6 months ago
That's sounds like Jeff Sessions reasoning power at work.
Musho 6 months ago
Why are you talking to yourself?
Muzil 6 months ago
oh my goodness I forgot...
Zuhn 6 months ago
Yes we did I watched it on TV
Karisar 5 months ago
ummm... the staff is a big wand.
Tygole 5 months ago
More celebrating as only
Mek 5 months ago
I've got $100 on the Bison.
Dagul 5 months ago
I am a follower of
Zujar 5 months ago
How is this evidence?
Arashijas 5 months ago
Ah yes I remember this,
JoJor 4 months ago
Are you a sock for truthseekder? Sounds like it.
Tarr 4 months ago
Sorry @M&M Now I understand the games rules
Voodoogor 4 months ago
It?s got you... that?s a plus ??????
Vudot 4 months ago
The Nazis claimed to be Christian.
Vulkree 4 months ago
Did I even mention Comey above?
Mezinris 4 months ago
Let me correct the funny statements you wrote.
Mikadal 3 months ago
Sounds ominous in a mutaween sort of way.
Guzil 3 months ago
I am sharing a definition not defining something.
Felmaran 3 months ago
It's the classic, Playboy's-are-okay-but-child-pornography-is-going-too-far theory. It's very popular.
Dubei 3 months ago
Which makes it idiotic to take as an axiom.
Nashura 3 months ago
Thank you! That's an old pic.
Moogule 2 months ago
Some historians say their might be a connection though?
Goltijinn 2 months ago
What kind of shoes are you wearing?
Sat 2 months ago
if that was all Bill did I would agree...

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