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Maybe you're not aware of this but Chicago is on the border of IL and IN. It's only a 30 min drive from the south side.

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Datilar 8 months ago
Leftists support the democratic party, socialism etc.
Fenrikree 8 months ago
hahaha .. really ??
Voodookus 8 months ago
Ha ha love it ??????
Gomi 8 months ago
well - I have big feet
Mezitaur 7 months ago
Thank god he's probably not real !
Nezahn 7 months ago
Because young earth creationists say so.
Kilmaran 7 months ago
Only white hetero christians will be banned.
Tolrajas 7 months ago
From your cited article, the view I hold:
Samuzahn 7 months ago
Dem ankles doe ??????
Saran 7 months ago
Those who ?walked away? will probably be back.
Terisar 6 months ago
I don?t belong to a cult.
Samuzragore 6 months ago
Hello Luba .. how are you
Kajigal 6 months ago
If you weren't so stupid you could refute it
Meziran 6 months ago
Never heard of it.
Mohn 6 months ago
Thank you,,oh and my cat thanks you too....
Kigakus 6 months ago
So you do not know?
Gohn 6 months ago
You have a very vague idea.
Dasida 5 months ago
how old you think i am?
Daidal 5 months ago
You uh have 35 clams I can uh borrow?
Grokasa 5 months ago
Oh, you should meet some new people, then.
Goltigis 5 months ago
Again, then why do you advocate for ending pregnancies?
Akinozilkree 5 months ago
No, we were talking about history and US law
Vora 5 months ago
Yep. He and fakebook.
Dozil 4 months ago
I even had myself fooled.
Dailkree 4 months ago
I did for a time.
Akinogrel 4 months ago
By the way, I did write my own. LOL
Bragore 4 months ago
Then he isn't powerful.
Kazrar 4 months ago
Democrats are creating those hate groups and "militias"

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