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Maybe you're not aware of this but Chicago is on the border of IL and IN. It's only a 30 min drive from the south side.

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Datilar 11 months ago
Leftists support the democratic party, socialism etc.
Fenrikree 10 months ago
hahaha .. really ??
Voodookus 10 months ago
Ha ha love it ??????
Gomi 10 months ago
well - I have big feet
Mezitaur 10 months ago
Thank god he's probably not real !
Nezahn 10 months ago
Because young earth creationists say so.
Kilmaran 10 months ago
Only white hetero christians will be banned.
Tolrajas 9 months ago
From your cited article, the view I hold:
Samuzahn 9 months ago
Dem ankles doe ??????
Saran 9 months ago
Those who ?walked away? will probably be back.
Terisar 9 months ago
I don?t belong to a cult.
Samuzragore 9 months ago
Hello Luba .. how are you
Kajigal 8 months ago
If you weren't so stupid you could refute it
Meziran 8 months ago
Never heard of it.
Mohn 8 months ago
Thank you,,oh and my cat thanks you too....
Kigakus 8 months ago
So you do not know?
Gohn 8 months ago
You have a very vague idea.
Dasida 8 months ago
how old you think i am?
Daidal 8 months ago
You uh have 35 clams I can uh borrow?
Grokasa 7 months ago
Oh, you should meet some new people, then.
Goltigis 7 months ago
Again, then why do you advocate for ending pregnancies?
Akinozilkree 7 months ago
No, we were talking about history and US law
Vora 7 months ago
Yep. He and fakebook.
Dozil 7 months ago
I even had myself fooled.
Dailkree 6 months ago
I did for a time.
Akinogrel 6 months ago
By the way, I did write my own. LOL
Bragore 6 months ago
Then he isn't powerful.
Kazrar 6 months ago
Democrats are creating those hate groups and "militias"

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