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820 05:2511 months ago

I've never heard of a new covalent. I know of the New Covenant. Is that what you mean? What about it?

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Zulusida 11 months ago
It is a bit of a foreign concept here.
Vuran 10 months ago
Its a lot like this
Migis 10 months ago
Ya i know, i even heard they have
Mujar 10 months ago
It?s like you have no facts
Faern 10 months ago
Yes, the Peanuts Christmas Special is very dangerous,
Tokus 9 months ago
Of the Constitution. Where our rights come from.
Sakree 9 months ago
And I showed it to be a false dichotomy.
Kar 9 months ago
Lol! Are you only interested in my bum? Lol!
Samulkree 9 months ago
OMG, that poor guy...
Voodoogal 9 months ago
Is that part of your persecution complex?
Kajibei 9 months ago
Does God exist to you?
Taukus 9 months ago
I agree. We spend WAY too much on Defense.
Vilkree 9 months ago
I am sure of it.
Duhn 9 months ago
only if they caught, right?
Zushura 8 months ago
Spin-off making fridges better insulated could happen.
Kigagor 8 months ago
With all due respect, that?s sick.
Goltijora 8 months ago
Towing cars and panhandling to the feds.
Kagazil 8 months ago
Not pressing charges is enabling the harassers.
Faegar 7 months ago
Sorry but my ignorance prevents me from choosing.
Faezuru 7 months ago
My middle finger's bigger than that.
Akigul 7 months ago
You've got the burden of proof backwards.
Nikojora 7 months ago
Poo in a tin.
Zolonos 7 months ago
yes why not ,i left it.
Maramar 6 months ago
WHy didn't you simply correct Mike's question instead then?
Tale 6 months ago
Anti does not connote hostility in my understanding.
Meztinris 6 months ago
You show nothing to back up your claim?
Kazrar 6 months ago
Meanwhile .. back in reality...
Faudal 6 months ago
Jerry Brown has no problem lying about the numbers.

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