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576 17:2110 months ago

Hmmmm Jerusalem will change for sure it's just matter of time it's going to be Muslim owns soon my brother.

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Bralkree 10 months ago
I'm a grown man, Sparky.
Mamuro 10 months ago
Too many brown people, gays, etc here...
Shaktiramar 10 months ago
"Freedom of choice" unless it is birth control, RIGHT????
Votilar 10 months ago
There are strange surprises on disqus daily.
Danris 10 months ago
apparently you hear audible voices of your god then
Dorg 10 months ago
Yes, full of vengeful sweetness. :D
Dodal 9 months ago
And you used scriptures to lie.
Gugis 9 months ago
Where is this evidence?
Dojas 9 months ago
Just need to watch S7 Ep 7
Akirn 9 months ago
What is Fter? sigh...
Kazralrajas 9 months ago
Thanks, forgot to mention Mad Maxie.
Dilar 9 months ago
Haven't read and proud of it?
Faukree 9 months ago
My timing is legendary ??????
Kajijinn 8 months ago
Shh that was a secret..You told everyone
Mazujind 8 months ago
Oh man. Hopefully today they don't screw you over.
Malagul 8 months ago
Thank you effing Trump and the effing Fundamentalists. SMH
Gardajind 8 months ago
Listen. Sometimes ya gotta slap a bitch...
Zulukazahn 8 months ago
what was the title of the Op on methane
Zololkree 8 months ago
The secular regimes you refer to were basically religions
Gakasa 7 months ago
Hell is not real. Sharia is.

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