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Atheists fall into the Sunk Cost Fallacy just as much as religious people .

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Aramuro 8 months ago
AWWWW! Poor little Shawsy being left out again.
Tojasida 8 months ago
Kneeling has never been seen as intending to offend.
Mausar 8 months ago
LOL, good for you.
Zulujas 7 months ago
Did you delete your post? Well, here's the reply:
Akik 7 months ago
Facts are the important word here.
Gum 7 months ago
I'm very sorry to hear that
Tygotaxe 7 months ago
at least the prostitutes smelled better I would hope.
Mezirr 7 months ago
Julian the allmighty ?????? thank you. I know.
Zulkikazahn 7 months ago
OMG...the Kennedy's are spinning in thier graves...I'm gonna barf...
Dulabar 7 months ago
A bit excessive even for a rapid Islamophobe.
Kigarn 7 months ago
And your snap judgment wasn't an insult?
Malat 6 months ago
Upvote if you?ve ever been he?s
Mikacage 6 months ago
You?ve been around fella!??
Vigal 6 months ago
Are you still spewing that myth that you invented?
Faukinos 6 months ago
A win for Missouri workers.
Gushura 5 months ago
hahaha she sounds awesome ..
Mole 5 months ago
I do not agree with your snarkiness.
Samujin 5 months ago
Thank you, his name is Vortec.
Daigore 5 months ago
I'm leaving it, but I agree it's offensive.
Kahn 5 months ago
My list of drugs
Zulutaxe 4 months ago
Smoking gal leaving a relationship into my arms
Vudozuru 4 months ago
There's no arguing with the posts.
Dot 4 months ago
No, that would be fine.
Malajas 4 months ago
Atheists don't treat science like a God.
Brakinos 4 months ago
She?s getti ng ready for your log!

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