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293 06:129 months ago

What argument, your rant was incoherent, tin foil hat territory.

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Mobar 9 months ago
Not when she is under the covers.
Grojora 9 months ago
OK Kenny. How is your mom today?
Nikoktilar 9 months ago
I've been bumping Masego- Navajo
Kajimuro 9 months ago
crosses and churches everywhere aren't mean spirited?
Douzilkree 8 months ago
Trump knows what he is doing
Molabar 8 months ago
So you want to shut down CNN?
Mizshura 8 months ago
MARK CUBAN: (8/1/16) It?s a landslide for
Tukora 8 months ago
See Hillary and Wall Street. "Protection" money.
JoJorr 7 months ago
Where did I defend them...........?
Samule 7 months ago
Yeah him. I get along with him well
Nill 7 months ago
Just waking up but I'm doing good.
Arashiramar 7 months ago
Hmmmm, maybe or Joe Arpaio?
Zutaur 7 months ago
Mom & sis, it?s time to head home now!
Digal 6 months ago
I really like this. ?
Grorisar 6 months ago
Ummm....would that make him silt?
Zulkigul 6 months ago
All i see here are two crimes
Vokinos 6 months ago
Is that how it is at your end?
Vozil 6 months ago
My book say differently.
Samukree 6 months ago
Cool deal. Most appreciated!!!
Dogami 5 months ago
^^^^^ C Everett (noted !)
Nezragore 5 months ago
Just one more wafer thin mint.
Juzuru 5 months ago
Yeah, that one is a far, far, reach
Kezshura 5 months ago
Hahahahaha ok, miss secret agent ????
Kegrel 5 months ago
Bc they aren?t illegal in their eyes. They?re ?undocumented?
Tojazshura 5 months ago
Thats good to know, thanks....
Fautaur 5 months ago
Can't you do better?

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