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293 06:1211 months ago

What argument, your rant was incoherent, tin foil hat territory.

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Mobar 11 months ago
Not when she is under the covers.
Grojora 11 months ago
OK Kenny. How is your mom today?
Nikoktilar 11 months ago
I've been bumping Masego- Navajo
Kajimuro 11 months ago
crosses and churches everywhere aren't mean spirited?
Douzilkree 10 months ago
Trump knows what he is doing
Molabar 10 months ago
So you want to shut down CNN?
Mizshura 10 months ago
MARK CUBAN: (8/1/16) It?s a landslide for
Tukora 10 months ago
See Hillary and Wall Street. "Protection" money.
JoJorr 9 months ago
Where did I defend them...........?
Samule 9 months ago
Yeah him. I get along with him well
Nill 9 months ago
Just waking up but I'm doing good.
Arashiramar 9 months ago
Hmmmm, maybe or Joe Arpaio?
Zutaur 9 months ago
Mom & sis, it?s time to head home now!
Digal 8 months ago
I really like this. ?
Grorisar 8 months ago
Ummm....would that make him silt?
Zulkigul 8 months ago
All i see here are two crimes
Vokinos 8 months ago
Is that how it is at your end?
Vozil 8 months ago
My book say differently.
Samukree 8 months ago
Cool deal. Most appreciated!!!
Dogami 7 months ago
^^^^^ C Everett (noted !)
Nezragore 7 months ago
Just one more wafer thin mint.
Juzuru 7 months ago
Yeah, that one is a far, far, reach
Kezshura 7 months ago
Hahahahaha ok, miss secret agent ????
Kegrel 7 months ago
Bc they aren?t illegal in their eyes. They?re ?undocumented?
Tojazshura 7 months ago
Thats good to know, thanks....
Fautaur 7 months ago
Can't you do better?

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