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Just cracked 8am... already got some trolls talking smack at me on another thread ??????

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Shalmaran 6 months ago
A few things have changed, some quite dramatically.
Kalmaran 6 months ago
That isn't true and you know it.
Tautilar 5 months ago
Not sure about this issue gotta do some research
Dolkree 5 months ago
Im just dragging the fallen to cover
Shakajora 5 months ago
I'll buy that for a dollar!!!!
Mezibar 5 months ago
I'm told that is not exclusive to Muslims.
Nik 5 months ago
If Hell exists, it is part ot the universe.
Mezisida 5 months ago
You are recommended to study the channel guidelines
Talkree 4 months ago
Sure. No where near constant. But infrequently.
Kehn 4 months ago
Gotta to do better than that, God.
Mezikora 4 months ago
Would The Mamma Mia movies be too sarcastic?
Mazular 4 months ago
Backing the Islamic hordes is "hardly nefarious"?
Kasida 4 months ago
Yet.. oh no xD how are you my dear?
Volmaran 3 months ago
re: They did not attack anyone, don't be ridiculous.
Zurr 3 months ago
Or guys trying to avoid getting in trouble...
Gozahn 3 months ago
What an asinine generalization.
Natilar 3 months ago
How do you know that?
Doshakar 3 months ago
I think it's time to ban this troll. ITOWCHATT
Kajishakar 2 months ago
Liberals love to blindly tow the narrative.
Kektilar 2 months ago
Aren't those the rules? ??
Mibei 2 months ago
Man, lots of misrepresentation here.
Bagami 2 months ago
Not when you know it is supposed to be.

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