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They do not make textbook. They make handbooks for the profession. I already proved it was lying son. I do not need to counter every other lie as they very first one, the one it is all based on, was a lie.

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Muramar 8 months ago
We'd get along fine then. lol
Tygorr 8 months ago
How many people they killed so far?
Goltizragore 8 months ago
Saw half and fell asleep. Going to rewatch tomorrow.
Goltirr 8 months ago
Twas a good 'un!
Kigale 8 months ago
Irrelevant. That passage disproves your silly assertion.
Kigam 7 months ago
Biometric locks ...... wow
Zubei 7 months ago
Religion started from an innate fight or flight reflex?
Faejora 7 months ago
I defend the odd Muslim.
Shaktilkis 7 months ago
Way to go GL.??
Kikazahn 7 months ago
Legally and medically, abortion doesn't kill anyone.
Dagul 7 months ago
Gays and blacks - not a good combination.
Maugami 7 months ago
I also learned from two great Yogi's Berra
Vogal 7 months ago
4. (Partially)The universe will play out it?s determined future.
Malakazahn 6 months ago
Here ya go lad
Gardat 6 months ago
no. your OPINION is that its not disrespect.
Yozshulabar 6 months ago
Hey Rose how are today
Zolonris 6 months ago
Everything after In the beginning kinda sucks balls.
Mull 6 months ago
Like what does he smoke? Frekin' loser
Zulkizuru 5 months ago
What do you believe then?
Taushakar 5 months ago
because it explains nothing and defines nothing
Fezilkree 5 months ago
Awww I?m sorry it was laughing emojis. ??

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