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If your foot is sore, take it out of your mouth and remove your retainer. How many time must you be told?

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Yotilar 10 months ago
I don't base my opinions on silly superstitions.
Dazilkree 10 months ago
I was thinking ice cream parlor myself....
Tugrel 10 months ago
"The God I believe in gave mankind free will."
Fern 9 months ago
Are you asking me? How could I know???
Akitaur 9 months ago
Awww congrats on being an Aunt!!!
Jujas 9 months ago
There are different ways to respond to life.
Gardajas 9 months ago
The OP made a claim that can't be supported.
Gura 8 months ago
a bunch of human cells
Dikree 8 months ago
Well glad to have you back
Shaktigar 8 months ago
Chosen=Adoption. Jesus was not adopted He was begotten.
Faukinos 8 months ago
LOLOL! I can relate to that!
Migul 8 months ago
A fictional character. I prefer reality.
Guzshura 8 months ago
Okay. I just did for the 5th time.
Goltisho 8 months ago
Forgiveness, help for anything that troubles you.
Kitilar 8 months ago
I have to admit i missed the alleged jape.

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