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720 06:009 months ago

Wrong again. right is right. dont start fights you arent prepared to finish. You never know who will stand their ground from a violent attack. Use your words like a big boy. So glad he is protected by the law, thatway your opinion doesnt matter

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Shakasa 9 months ago
Not according to your Jesus
Shat 9 months ago
have submarines evolved to have better camouflage?
Zukree 9 months ago
And there is YOUR answer!
Kagalkree 8 months ago
I remember that one! LOL!
Kajitaur 8 months ago
Are there no distinct cultures?
Goltigore 8 months ago
there are academic explorations of the matter.
Kakinos 8 months ago
LOL...I still made a sound bet.
Kale 7 months ago
I didn't fall for anything...Russian, English...
Dadal 7 months ago
I like em toasted golden ??
Tygoll 7 months ago
Read the posts and find out.
Gagore 7 months ago
Never used the pact magic stuff
Goltijar 7 months ago
Happy Birthday, Steven M!
Arashigor 7 months ago
I'm good! Finally got some much-needed sleep!
JoJohn 7 months ago
Can you demonstrate your claim with evidence?
Mecage 6 months ago
Yes, in some cases my God
Bragis 6 months ago
Do you have a King??
Disho 6 months ago
Laughable... your silly weasel words have no effect, either.
Fauhn 6 months ago
You really are "uniformed" too, aren't you?
Nikosho 5 months ago
Awesome, glad to hear.
Tygorisar 5 months ago
I can't ride a horse...I'm from the city??
Negul 5 months ago
Because I have read the studies.
Murn 5 months ago
Gul?!? Are you going to join us???

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