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936 10:1310 months ago

Straw-manning is a logical fallacy. I am sure you know that, and that I do not hold the beliefs you have imputed to me.

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Tygokus 10 months ago
Christ was a title.Jesus was the name.
Dujas 10 months ago
Conservatives are viewed as backward racists.
Nikorisar 10 months ago
And...yiu goin do what?
Dorr 10 months ago
None of what you said happened
Nikobar 10 months ago
Do you have children?
Shakarr 9 months ago
7 dogs, 3 cats, 1 goldfish, 1 bird
Yozshuran 9 months ago
That's a vast conspiracy theory at work here.
JoJolrajas 9 months ago
Statistics? You didn?t show any statistics ??
Yozshur 9 months ago
You must have missed these passages:
JoJolkis 9 months ago
I see what you are saying now, thanks
Nasar 9 months ago
That sounds like a redefinition of fluidity to me.
Shadal 8 months ago
Anybody reading this debate would be laughing at you.
Gardakree 8 months ago
Will do, some slip by us
Malagrel 8 months ago
Urinate on your face.
Mujas 8 months ago
Welcome to the community!
Samuramar 8 months ago
I am sleepy eyed and saw this thread ,
Kazrashakar 7 months ago
Europe is a continent. The US is a country.
Virr 7 months ago
Rolling on the floor

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