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895 05:0010 months ago

Sorry I don't read links posted bby self proclaimed snowflakes. But if you are comfortable working for Trump's govt so you can get your STD taken care of, that's something you will need to work through on your own. Are you a little left wing commie lover? Sorry, I'm just not interested in being owned by the govt, but if you are, you will be a good little errand girl for Trump someday maybe-if you're nice.

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Mecage 10 months ago
I'm suitably impressed Sir :)
Douktilar 10 months ago
What's a bad thing?????
Mezigor 9 months ago
Sooo wheres the cars?
Vohn 9 months ago
Deficit after deficit after deficit!
Tojazshura 9 months ago
Only if you are on drugs.
Tutaxe 9 months ago
So much violence in our world...
Shaktishakar 9 months ago
Anyone ever notice the bible is really two bibles?
Zujora 8 months ago
As I said, HDS.
Dorr 8 months ago
You're* Try to literate before you comment, please.
Gonris 8 months ago
Thanks for the encouragement.
Kagagul 8 months ago
Anything is permitted.but not everything is beneficial.
Basar 8 months ago
They own us all, Fred. So.what do you sell?
Tokazahn 7 months ago
What about atheists like myself ?
Doujas 7 months ago
But none of that has to do with atheism.
Yozuru 7 months ago
yaa he has chino eyes..
Mazugis 7 months ago
Aw. Why are you such a sweety?
Brabar 7 months ago
What does an atheist believe then? Educate me.
Samuzahn 6 months ago
Trump is a lawless sexual predator and rapist.
Dobar 6 months ago
Govt grant for what?
Mirg 6 months ago
There?s only one (1), actually.
Faurr 6 months ago
Is the Giant Space Wombat immoral?
Faeshakar 6 months ago
I do know the meaning of the word.
Zolotaxe 6 months ago
Do women deserve more respect than men?

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