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894 08:009 months ago

ya "some" of the dossier is not BS...most of it is just that

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Kajin 9 months ago
?can't take my eyes off of you...
Shaktizuru 9 months ago
Yet, you did not.
Nikolmaran 9 months ago
Biblical fact--talk about an oxymoron.
Dataur 9 months ago
LOL! That's hilarious! Thank you! Mwah!
Kehn 9 months ago
I heard upon his dry dung-heap
Mazukree 8 months ago
Churches are tax exempt
Yozshuktilar 8 months ago
The problem is those who are not.
Tygoshura 8 months ago
you would be 100% right on that!
Naramar 8 months ago
Oh really I had no idea what a surprise.????????????
Kigazahn 8 months ago
Okay ..may be later??
Ganris 7 months ago
Any times a good time to party!
Kazirn 7 months ago
did you mean to send this to me?
Moogukinos 7 months ago
Oh I'm still quite obsessed with it
Aradal 7 months ago
Its soo stylish and modern.
JoJosho 7 months ago
Your friend is my enemy.
Mezizilkree 7 months ago
Provide some evidence. Facts are supportable.
Sasida 6 months ago
case of the yummies
Grojin 6 months ago
Muslims in MY country?
Vik 6 months ago
What specific piece of legislation are you talking about?
Migul 6 months ago
No doubt about it. In our area:
Samule 6 months ago
I know the struggle gurl -.-
Gakus 6 months ago
Not at all. Read more carefully.
Dojora 6 months ago
Whoa. Never seen that.
Kagara 6 months ago
How to answer a fool? I did.
Meztitaur 5 months ago
Me too, almost Saturday.
Vudole 5 months ago
It will be my last request.

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