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230 15:2010 months ago

That term doesn't mean what you think it means. Apple removing InfoWars is an expression of free speech and private property rights. Why do you hate both free speech and the right of Apple to moderate its property?

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Mall 10 months ago
US history approves of this message. See WW2.
Nikojas 10 months ago
See...understanding is never far away...
Mak 9 months ago
Can you please answer one simple question for me?
Shakanos 9 months ago
Complaining about someone's parking isn't assault.
Akinobei 9 months ago
Does the universe have a purpose?
Kacage 9 months ago
See my comment on Protestants and Evangelicals.
Kazragar 8 months ago
You are so cute Luba
Mokazahn 8 months ago
no it doesn't....... only a small minority of them....
Mikamuro 8 months ago
The Trinity doesn't exist, so there goes that.
Fauhn 8 months ago
Everything physical as a cause.
Kigara 8 months ago
Putin said it. Watch Helsinki video
Keshicage 8 months ago
19+ and 20- hahahah
Kajijora 8 months ago
You're the one showing your profound ignorance of science.

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