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Fantastic news. As a private organization, Apple is not required to store or distribute wholly fabricated right-wing racist propaganda.

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Mikadal 7 months ago
I don't recall saying all .
Moogushicage 7 months ago
Trump trump trump....thats you walking away
Kajimuro 7 months ago
I know so many shows yet so little time
Arasho 7 months ago
Anything to get someone to vote for a Democrat.
Zulushura 7 months ago
How many .. & what's on current condition
Gakinos 6 months ago
They often kill each other to move higher up.
Kalrajas 6 months ago
I better not comment here, you might get confused.
Kazracage 6 months ago
That's irrelevant. The Constitution doesn't define marriage.
Doukinos 6 months ago
Getting the flue su*ks, I had it last year
Vunos 6 months ago
Yeah. I'm still a little groggy from last night
Shakagrel 6 months ago
Well, you look fantastic!!!
Arashimi 5 months ago
I read fine friend.
Kagagor 5 months ago
Society is a fu**ed up place, man.
Tygojin 5 months ago
Not one question from me...I don't dare!
Shanris 5 months ago
You?re right again Missy.
Nek 5 months ago
...crow feathers and election results.
Tuzshura 4 months ago
Funny how you can't describe it.
Arak 4 months ago
Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha!
Kazracage 4 months ago
Personally whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas !!
Zulkishura 3 months ago
It answered it though... didn't it?
Bagor 3 months ago
I agree very much with your response!
Kazikasa 3 months ago
Then what is it you are advocating for?
Shalar 3 months ago
Correct, I posted what the article stated.
Madal 3 months ago
Where are the most violent places to live?
Nikoramar 2 months ago
True, but that is how that story ends.
Midal 2 months ago
Just like I did not vote for Trump.
Meztijind 2 months ago
Take This Down Immediately!
Faegar 2 months ago
I'm a funny little b ?. witch!
Vulkis 2 months ago
The Star-Spangled Banner! Wonderful!

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