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712 14:537 months ago

And even this graph clearly says 61%, not 40% were unaffiliated in 1991.

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Kazrakasa 7 months ago
its a nonsense deflection from trumpanzee land.
Kazrat 7 months ago
No major crises, so I got no complaints.
Tule 7 months ago
Could you tell I was smiling?
Doutaur 7 months ago
PROOF they will give anyone a degree.
Kazizahn 7 months ago
1. Because one told me directly.
Mikarn 7 months ago
You just need a big pile of pixie dust.
Vizshura 7 months ago
You like your b!tches doing other dudes?
Nikokinos 6 months ago
Oh, yikes, goood point....
Mezijin 6 months ago
SS= Sexy Saturday... LOLOL!!!!
Kigal 6 months ago
Is English your first language?
Brajas 6 months ago
unbiased? You even making that claim is scary.
Faujas 5 months ago
Now there's a silly comment.
Shakak 5 months ago
Yeah, that discussion reached its 7-day expiration.
Kajilar 5 months ago
That's his actual nickname
Maushakar 5 months ago
Jesus will soon show who are his true disciples.
Dokinos 5 months ago
Hey, you never need an excuse. How are things?
Vull 5 months ago
Doesn't mean that she's wrong.
Tygoshura 5 months ago
Oh look, a pedophile, who would have figured?
Dijas 4 months ago
Not a lot, actually.
Arashiramar 4 months ago
why was this guy welcome
Nalkree 4 months ago
Trump will starts wars to divert.
Kagalrajas 4 months ago
With her needs/wants/desires above his.
Zulukinos 4 months ago
Thank you! You too!
Bragis 4 months ago
Is this the part where it starts to get
Maugor 4 months ago
Good. That means you admit defeat.
Migar 4 months ago
Yep. Negative consequences was created for those wanting them.
Kajill 4 months ago
No cross channel postings here.
Zujora 3 months ago
Violent ?religions? should be banned.
Votaur 3 months ago
Ever heard of Alex Jones?

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