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If the entire world was Black, or left-handed, nothing would change.

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Faut 6 months ago
Calling me names is not trolling me.
Junris 6 months ago
Pleas explain this position?
Zulkijar 6 months ago
Were you hit on the head as a child?
Ketilar 6 months ago
Then why is there an extra step?
Vojin 6 months ago
Don't wake the baby.
Tule 5 months ago
Youve got a lice on ya
Nekree 5 months ago
Use to shoot guys like that.
Voodoojas 5 months ago
I think it's coming to a head.
Mogar 5 months ago
Yes. There are miracles in every common occurrence.
Vusar 5 months ago
Frozen. Let it go
Junris 5 months ago
Because he is a failed spineless little btch
Arakus 4 months ago
quit the jive-ass and answer my questions.
Gale 4 months ago
Let me ask you one question Rick.
Tojagore 4 months ago
Almost as charming as this guy.
Daijin 3 months ago
He doesn't have to be . its his choice.

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