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865 10:468 months ago

Sure Terry, sure....... the earth is round by the way.... what then, would you call it ? Maybe post your own opinions, any fool can write nonsense (as if they know something, ) in a feeble attempt to discredit others, but can they back it up ? That is the real question..... Waiting...

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Zunris 8 months ago
Did I forget to say Hi???
Dorg 7 months ago
Have u tried mail him again recently? ??
Akiramar 7 months ago
The theory of gravity is a "theory".
Kajit 7 months ago
Yes it does. I just explained it.
Meztishakar 7 months ago
Slicing??? There is only one way to eat bread
Arajar 7 months ago
Help you escape from where?
Fauhn 7 months ago
I got I'm a Leo
Ararr 7 months ago
and he spelt Niiii Ziiiiland wrong
Zugrel 7 months ago
Ah she has nothing on the beautiful Mrs Pancakes.
Grolkis 6 months ago
Is that a threat?
Kigalkis 6 months ago
Haha.. we got each other.
Momuro 6 months ago
Infowars is vile propaganda.
Yomuro 5 months ago
Better you don't know.
Tojataxe 5 months ago
But let's look at why...
Faulabar 5 months ago
QUALITY is what counts, not quantity.
Nit 5 months ago
No,stupid, that's what our State Department says right now.
Faekasa 5 months ago
The beautiful music teacher!!
Faek 5 months ago
This is a few of Castellano's forensic pics.
Jutaxe 4 months ago
Pretty much the way things are
Vura 4 months ago
Since you insist on personal attacks..dismissed and blocked.
Samugore 4 months ago
Looks more like a picture of Trump's Inauguration Crowd...
Zolora 4 months ago
OK then. Ginger or Maryann?
Douzragore 4 months ago
He was told to stop and he has.
Zolobei 4 months ago
And he's a good painter.
Kagale 4 months ago
I could not agree with you more there lol.
Tuk 3 months ago
Doing a good job Cortez keep it up ????????
Maunos 3 months ago
The title of this article says EVERYTHING.....
Shabei 3 months ago
Yes I did not find a date that night.
Fenrinris 3 months ago
No. "Has anybody seen the right Arm of Jehovah?"

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