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Monotheist God can not have a wife. That will be illogical. Yes, the Trnity (Son, God, Holy Ghost) etc. is there. But from outside, same looks difficult to understand.

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Mazugar 10 months ago
Why do I know more about this than you?
Faegor 10 months ago
I have lost what sweetie?
Mikalrajas 9 months ago
Yep and the list goes on Jesse.
Akizahn 9 months ago
Your the cynical type aren't you?
Talrajas 9 months ago
Are you sure about what you wrote ?
Kajinn 9 months ago
You're all yap and no evidence.
Negar 9 months ago
No you suck as well.
Naramar 9 months ago
I can't find it.
Maujora 8 months ago
We are zombies when lusting for flesh ;P
Zolok 8 months ago
You have enough of us upvoting you...??
Duhn 8 months ago
And Trump was put into office by the Russians.
Tonris 8 months ago
I've got $100 on the Bison.
Zoloshura 8 months ago
I play them on the PlayStation systems myself.
Vuramar 8 months ago
why were you TOO EMBARRASSED to post the link?
Kigal 7 months ago
I work for God.
Kajirisar 7 months ago
I'm not sure you quite get it.
Mesho 7 months ago
Hadn?t heard that one before.Good one!LOL
Moogushicage 7 months ago
You give her too much credit.
Kimi 7 months ago
This was my go to...
Taugal 7 months ago
Not soliciting converts does not equal not welcoming converts
Aranos 7 months ago
I know right?? xD
Nikonris 6 months ago
They can not. This is an election year stunt
Voodookasa 6 months ago
It is. It is obvious.
Kazigul 6 months ago
I prefer to call it a lack of self-pride.
Mok 6 months ago
Yeah I'm sensual .. what you got
Najind 6 months ago
What a great summary. For which many thanks.
Nall 5 months ago poor thing, need a diaper change?
Tekasa 5 months ago
Does softball in high school count?
Meztikree 5 months ago
Again . how are you
Bajinn 4 months ago
There she is the beautiful Angel, hey no you...

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