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Well, it's the difference between speaking the truth and telling lies, so it isn't that small.

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Domuro 7 months ago
In the world of bigots.
Meztilkis 7 months ago
Madison addressed the "general welfare" issue quite well.
Arashiran 6 months ago
That's kind of an aside.
Goltik 6 months ago
I am, I'm having a good day today.
Zugis 6 months ago
You are a little rantish, irrational and incoherent...
Kiran 6 months ago
I think I may go by "Granny".
JoJogor 6 months ago
No wait, 1300, that's it (we did it) ??
Shakanos 5 months ago
Aw, shucks. Thank you.
Dubei 5 months ago
If that's what you meant, then I apologize.
Gujind 5 months ago
Can I opt out of the mankini part?
Faezil 5 months ago
The article says they have.
Nalkis 5 months ago
You're dismissed, little buddy.
Kegami 5 months ago
There aren?t any Britons either. Displaced by the Anglo-Saxons.
Mekasa 5 months ago
you rather marry my father than me...
Felmaran 4 months ago
That's the sex. Not the marriage.
Malajar 4 months ago
It depends. There are also misconceptions about Sharia.
Arabei 4 months ago
Referred to the concept of original sin.
Akidal 4 months ago
For Trump, this is standard.
Diktilar 3 months ago
Thank you so much MA! ... Hugs(MA)
Yozshurn 3 months ago
How so? The Renaissance also came out of Christendom.
Mazushicage 3 months ago
Anti-Fa caused the violence.
Kagarisar 3 months ago
Philanthropy... you might want to look up that word.
Arasar 3 months ago
White privelege? Sure, whatever. Go with it!

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