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If God created [existence] and atheists disbelieve in God, do atheists exist???

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Akinomi 10 months ago
I'd rather not know what people are thinking.
Daijin 10 months ago
Liberals shouldn't be in positions of authority or education.
Goltit 10 months ago
Yet you have faith you'll be alive tomorrow, right?
Mezigrel 10 months ago
What a silly, ignorant thing to say.
Daigul 9 months ago
Brooke Adams has a world class @$$
Talmaran 9 months ago
Only retards believe in Satan.
Mecage 9 months ago
Fcking high. What do you mean?
Shakabar 9 months ago
Should we inquire about warts??
Goltigrel 9 months ago
hiding behind my moderator badge .
Tataxe 8 months ago
Mocking you is exactly what makes me hilarious.
Maugor 8 months ago
When u kissing your junior at high school
Vigore 8 months ago
The beautiful music teacher!!
Daimi 8 months ago
It's a liberal wet dream...
Vudolrajas 8 months ago
What was your point?
Taktilar 7 months ago
And God made Adam from dust, didn't He?
Faugor 7 months ago
A child is entitled to parents who love them.
Shakazragore 7 months ago
And the race has just narrowed further...
Faele 7 months ago
Thanks Lantern and thanks for this nice Gif
Shajin 7 months ago
Words to describe that day continue to escape me.
Goll 6 months ago
Yeah.It?s about as logical as this.
Mazugar 6 months ago
Don't really have a use for either..especially not faith.
Mezikora 6 months ago
You mean, God is mad at us?
Gugor 6 months ago
Why not just call the editorial "But Hillary".
Faukus 6 months ago
Pretty much what this is

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