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967 18:4711 months ago

I sure would not want to be a generational inbred, deluxe outhouse dwelling, second-grade home-school drop-out cause you had to marry your teacher, low-life, melting down snowflake, pathological psychotic like you POS.

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Dok 10 months ago
You are clueless and whiny.
Nikogar 10 months ago
Are you responsible for George Tiller?
Gogul 10 months ago
You do not seems to understand the distinction.
Vokora 9 months ago
Awww...Hi there Mexican? Potato??
Dudal 9 months ago
LOL. Now you're putting words in my mouth.
Shashicage 9 months ago
The same as the bush twins?
Shakat 9 months ago
The Lord's grace is sufficient for all
Akinolkis 9 months ago
Why can't a black WOMAN... be a white supremacist?
Dusho 9 months ago
And how long have you been in?
Shaktiran 8 months ago
taxing money 1 time should be enough
Nenris 8 months ago
Everything is punishable by death. Eventually.
Fekasa 8 months ago
Neither P1 or P2 have been verified.
Tojakora 8 months ago
These are fascinating an warranted further research.
Arashirr 8 months ago
...and this is supposed to help ratings?
Donris 8 months ago
-you got me! hahaha
Fenrikinos 7 months ago
Kingsmen ( I think that was the name)
Faekinos 7 months ago
you were actually expecting something more?
Shalabar 7 months ago
If I make a mistake, I acknowledge it.
Fenrikazahn 7 months ago
My point tho. what's yours.I wanna hear
Vizshura 7 months ago
You only defined one word. Keep gong.
Akishura 6 months ago
I don't need such Salvation. Thanks.
Shaktikus 6 months ago
Yes for you it certainly would.
Taular 6 months ago
Yes, a human birth is a miracle.
Mesho 6 months ago
They are evidence themselves.
Feran 6 months ago
I was hoping you?d catch it ????????????
Maugor 6 months ago
"like you claimed in your earlier response."
Tygokree 5 months ago
Yes, I am sure.
Ninris 5 months ago
Trump has the design taste of a dictator.

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